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April 9, 2003

 NYUP is a membership-based organization of unemployed New Yorkers organizing to promote family-sustaining jobs and income support for all New Yorkers.

     On December 28, 66,000 New Yorkers will be cut-off from their federal extended unemployment benefits. Over 180,000 New Yorkers have already seen their unemployment checks run out and are unable to find work.

     Join the fight for a New Deal for New York. Demand living-wage jobs and income support. Contact NYUP for more information and expect an updated interactive website soon.

     NYUP is an initiative of the New York Employment (NELP) /

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About NYUP

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About NYUP

New York Unemployment Project is a membership-based organization of unemployed New Yorkers committed to organizing and fighting for family sustaining jobs and income support for all New Yorkers.

Our local organizing committees cross racial, class, and gender barriers to build power among unemployed workers—power to demand accountability from their elected leaders and power to reform the policies and laws that affect their lives.

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NYUP is committed to building leadership among diverse groups of unemployed New Yorkers to build a new constituency for expanded, extended and accessible income support for jobless workers.

NYUP members take action to fight for jobs and benefits in a sophisticated blend of direct action and advocacy that has included mass rallies, policy briefings, press events, meetings with administrators and elected officials, and much more.

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Join the fight for a New Deal for New York.

Thousands of unemployed New Yorkers are coming together to demand justice. We know we have power in numbers.

Join other members of NYUP as we work together to get power in our communities and our state—power to demand better jobs and income support, power to fight for a new deal for New York, power to get our voices heard!

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All workers, especially unemployed and low-wage workers need to know their rights. Often employers and government bureaucracy get in the way of workers getting what they deserve.

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