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DAILY LABOR REPORT, May 8, 2003 No. 89
Unemployment Insurance
Senate Democrats Say Troubled Economy Reason Enough to Extend Jobless Benefits

By Catherine Hollingsworth

THE ADVOCATE, May 7, 2003
Democrats renew fight to extend unemployment benefits
Associated Press

NEWSDAY Editorial, May 5, 2003
Extending Benefits
Clinton: Give unemployed 6 months more

By Bryan Virasami

THE NEW YORK TIMES, February 28, 2003
NYUP Pushes to Expose State UI Insolvency:
New York Seeks Federal Help in Paying State Jobless Claims


THE NEW YORK TIMES, January 29, 2003
State Unemployment Fund Is Operating in the Red
By Leslie Eaton

THE NEW YORK SUN, December 26, 2002; Section:Business; Page:9
Jobless Benefits Extension Takes Center-Stage as Deadline Nears
By Julia Levy

WNYC Local Radio - 11:34AM ET,
December 24, 2002
Unemployment in New York City
by Beth Fertig

NY DAILY NEWS, December 23, 2002
Fight End of Dole package
By Ellis Quinn

NEWSDAY Editorial, December 23, 2002
Bush wants to extend unemployment benefits a little; Congress should extend them more.

NEWSDAY, December 15, 2002
Wage Collapse': With a poor post-9/11 economy, laid-off workers with higher salaries are taking lower-skilled jobs to survive
By Patricia Kitchen

THE VILLAGE VOICE, November 6 - 12, 2002
As Dems Nap, New Activists Press Pataki on Record
Where Was George?

by Tom Robbins

THE NEW YORK SUN, July 26, 2002
McCall Wants Benefits extended
By Michael Needham

THE NEW YORK TIMES, July 18, 2002
Pataki Critics Are Kicked Out of a Parade

NEWSDAY, June, 14, 2002
Jobless Hope for More Benefits / Congress mulling extension
By Patricia Kitchen

THE NEW YORK SUN, June 2, 2002
HOME FRONT; An Idea, at Least, Amid the Job Hunting
By Leslie Eaton

NEWSDAY, March 19, 2002
Working Through Barriers / Advocates say many need help understanding jobless benefits
By Patricia Kitchen

NEWSDAY, January 12, 2002
Bush Training Plan for Jobless Questioned
By Randi F. Marshall

Unemployment Insurance Fails Many Workers
By Annette Bernhardt



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