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New York Unemployment Project


Name: __________________________________________ Phone: ____________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________

I, ________________________, am a participating member of the New York Unemployment Project. I understand that NYUP is a membership based organization and that as a member I have the power to vote on issues affecting the organizationís vision, structure, and activities. Furthermore, I understand that membership in NYUP is based on participation as well as payment of membership dues and I accept the following responsibilities:

__ I will pay membership dues of $3 per month to support the organization.

__ I will reach out to other unemployed New Yorkers, members of my friends, family, coworkers, etc. and let them know about the organization.

__ I will participate in at least two NYUP activities (meetings, actions, etc.) per month.

__ I will participate in workshops and trainings and in turn will help to educate and train other unemployed New Yorkers.


_______________________________ ___________ Dues Paid: $18/ 6 months____

Member Signature Date